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Meet our Doctors and Staff

  • Dr Chad Smith
    Veterinarian since 2000, at TVH since 2002
    I grew up on an acreage and spent countless time with our menagerie of pets. I remember telling my parents that I was going to be a veterinarian ever since I was eight years old. I graduated with my Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University in 1996 and received my Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2000. Prior to working at Taylor Veterinary Hospital, I was a general practitioner at Ottumwa Veterinary Clinic in Ottumwa, Iowa.

    As a veterinarian, I enjoy the variety I see every day; from a physical exam on a healthy kitten, to providing pain management for a dog with a terminal disease, to restoring a sick guinea pig's health, and everything in-between. One of my favorite moments in practice is seeing the expression on an owner's face when they know their sick pet is well again. I also have a special interest in behavioral medicine/therapy.

    My wife and I have three children, three cats, a dog, and multiple bunnies. I can't wait to go home to the unconditional love my dog has for me and curl up on the couch with the cats. I belong to the AVMA and IVMA and am an active member of Orchard Hill Church.

  • Dr Wendi Goetsch
    Veterinarian since 2007, at TVH since 2014
    I grew up in Waterloo, Iowa. I started working with animals at the age of 16, and came to enjoy the problem solving nature of veterinary medicine. I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Biology/Chemistry from the University of Northern Iowa in 2003. I then went on to graduate from Iowa State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2007.

    I practiced small animal medicine for 7 years at East Springs Animal Hospital in Colorado Springs, Colorado, prior to joining the team at Taylor Veterinary Hospital in 2014. I enjoy all aspects of veterinary medicine, but my personal interests include ultrasound, dentistry, behavioral medicine, and chronic care in elderly pets. The favorite part of my day is to see the bond between a pet and their owner.

    My husband and I have 2 children. We had to say goodbye to our Great Dane, Caiya. She is still greatly missed since she was part of our lives for 12 1/2 years. Our house was a little too quiet, and so we adopted a Terrier mix that was healing from a broken leg. Toby has been a good addition to our household. He is an active pup and keeps us on our toes. He loves to play and pretend to hunt the birds outside.

  • Dr Bethany Huhman
    Veterinarian since 2011, at TVH since 2018

    For as long as I can remember being a veterinarian has always been my dream. I worked hard and after pursuing my undergraduate degree at UNI, I accomplished my goals and received my veterinary degree from ISU College of Veterinary Medicine in 2011. Since then I have been practicing small animal medicine in the Cedar Valley and I am excited to join the wonderful team at Taylor Veterinary Hospital. I am dedicated to helping my patients get the best care available and always going the extra mile. When not working, I am usually home enjoying quality time with my husband and two daughters.

  • Shelly
    Receptionist since 1986

    Growing up we only had dogs, but since then I have had cats, guinea pigs, birds and dogs. I remember one of my first dogs was names Sweetie Pie, she was a toy poodle. I have always loved animals and that is why I wanted to work at a vet hospital. We just recently got a new puppy, Mason. He has filled a hole that was present in our lives since our last dog, Mickey passed away.

  • Darla
    Receptionist since 2012

    I have a cat, Mason. I have a special connection with him, we seem to need each other. He has a heart condition, needs special medication, follows me everywhere and is always near by when I need some comfort. I wanted to work at Taylor Vet because I have always loved animals and working with people.

  • Kari
    Receptionist and Social Media since 2018

    We have had SO many pets through the years, from cats & dogs to chicken, rabbits, horses & goats!  We currently have THE sweetest Basset Hound named Diesel, a spunky Belgium Shepherd Malinois Mix named Kota, Maximus, our lovable bulldozer of an Olde English Bulldog, Miss Vicious (or “Cat” as my daughter insists is her real name), a corn snake named Jasper, a bearded dragon named Saphira and our 3 horses, Codi, Gypsy & Sage. 

    As far back as I can remember, the deep love of pets has been a part of my life.  I also care so much about people and I always try to leave everyone I meet just a little lighter and brighter.  Being able to be a receptionist at Taylor Veterinary Hospital gives me an opportunity to live both of these passions every day!  It’s AMAZING!  I feel so blessed to be here!

  • Raegan
    Receptionist since 2018

    At home I have two cats, Marley and Leo, and an Australian Shepard, Duke.  Growing up my family had a miniature schnauzer and I always looked forward to having my own pets.  I’ve wanted to work at Taylor Vet since I got my cats and saw the great care they received.  I have a certification in Vet Assisting from Hawkeye Community College.

  • Kara
    Technician since 2017

    I wanted to work here because I have always had a love for animals since I was a little girl.  I knew that I wanted in some way to work with and around them.  I love helping fur children and the people that love them.  That is my passion.  I have Mufasa, 12 year old short haired cat, Murphy 2.5 year old Maine Coon mix, Marvin 1 year old long haired cat, Magee a kitten rescue, and Ryder, 2.5 year old Redbone Coon Hound.  All 5 of my fur kids bring a different kind of joy to our household and each member of our house.  We wouldn't trade them for the world.  I can't really pinpoint one special memory, but Demon my cat I had to say good bye to 2 years ago really helped me through some low times in my life.  I'm not sure where I'd be if I wouldn't have had him to care for.  My first pet was a Teddy Bear hamster named Henry. I got him for my 10th birthday!  He was all black, super sweet and had the cutest little tuffs on his hind end. :)

  • Kelsey
    Technician since 2018

    I love having the opportunity to work in a vet office. Being able to provide care for other pets is very rewarding. Getting to see all of the cute animals is also an added bonus of the job! I currently have a Golden Retriever named Sophie who is almost 2 years old. She is super sweet and loves attention. I also have a guinea pig named Pebbles who is 2 years old. She loves to sit on my shoulder. Growing up we had many animals including dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, and fish. Our Labrador Retriever, Tasha, was a puppy when I was a baby so we grew up together so she was very special to me. 

  • Sofia
    Kennel Assistant since 2017

    I'm currently attending the University of Northern Iowa for Biology. After graduating I plan on furthering my education in Animal Science. My blind kitten named Dakota currently lives with me while I attend school and serves as a constant reminder of how much I love working with animals. I wanted to work at Taylor Veterinary Hospital because the staff is extremely passionate and they take pride in quality service, which drew me to wanting to join their team. Taylor Veterinary Hospital has opened the doors for my passion for animals to continue to thrive and I am so thankful to be alongside people who love animals just as much as I do!

  • Madeline
    Kennel Assistant since 2019

    I want to work at a vet hospital because I plan on becoming a veterinarian and it gives me valuable experience which I will need for vet school and beyond. I currently have two dogs at home; a dachshund named Boo, and a terrier mix named Abby. They hold a special place in my heart and have really helped motivate me to become a veterinarian. My first two pets were two dogs, a basset hound named Chopper and a corgi named Dolly. A special memory I had with Chopper was every morning my dad would come into my room with Chopper and he would bark and howl until I got up; that was my alarm clock all through elementary school.

  • Tami
    Office Manager since 2008
    Growing up I had a cat named Annie and a rottweiler named Ben. Annie didn't like many people but would tolerate just about anything I would do with her - dress her in outfits, ride in a stroller, and go for walks on a leash around the yard. Ben loved to be by my side, and always knew when a banana was being peeled, expecting to get the first and last bites. I now have 4 pets of my own - 2 dogs, Roxy (pictured) and Bella, and 2 cats, Mischa and Jada. Roxy rules the roost and thinks that she is keeping everyone in line, but generally causes the most trouble.

  • Jill
    Practice Manager since 2007

    My first pet as a child was an orange tomcat named Garfield, he was big, fat and lazy and so well loved. He wanted to sleep with me every night, so my dad cut a cat door in my bedroom so that he could come and go as he pleased. He instilled in me a love of animals that helped my transition as the wife of a veterinarian. Chad and I have a dog named Honey B, cats named Tiger Lily, Cinder Ella, and Pumpkin Spice, and a few Mini Rex Rabbits that our kids raise and show for 4H.


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