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Wellness Exams
As in human health care, preventive care is the single most important thing you can do to safeguard your pet's health. Your pet ages much faster than you do, so a yearly physical examination, stool check for worms, and a heartworm blood test for dogs, allow the doctor to spot conditions that need treatment. In addition, all dogs, cats and ferrets should have their vaccination status evaluated annually. Vaccinations are are an important tool for the prevention of serious and even deadly diseases in both pets and people. The doctor will establish an individual vaccination protocol for your pet based on his species, age and risk factors. Rabies is a very real threat in Black Hawk County; it is vitally important, and required by law, that all pets be vaccinated against rabies, unless medically inadvisable. In addition to reducing the number of orphaned and abandoned pets, spaying and neutering are important to protect your pet from reproductive cancers and life-threatening infections. These surgeries are usually done before your pet's first birthday.

Senior Wellness Screening

Pets Age

Is your pet over 50? Find out your pet's ag

As most of us know, pets age more quickly than humans.  For this reason, we recommend screening for potential diseases that could go undetected until they become serious.  If caught early, treatment can slow disease progression and result in a longer, happier life.

At Taylor Veterinary Hospital, we offer a customized senior wellness screen for your pet’s benefit.  This includes: 

*Wellness profile (Chemistry/CBC/Electrolytes) - Screens for kidney and liver disease, diabetes, Cushings disease, infection, and anemia.

*T4 - Screens for thyroid disease

*SDMA - Screens for kidney disease

*Urinalysis - Screens for kidney function, urinary infection and crystals

*Abdominal ultrasound - Screens abdominal organs (liver, spleen, kidneys, etc.) for any change in size or texture, and monitors for any masses.  

*Blood pressure check - Screens for high blood pressure

*Tonometry - Glaucoma screening

If you choose to have your pet screened for potential life-threatening diseases, we are offering a bundle savings of 35% when compared to individual prices.  

Your pet says “Thank-you.”

Home Visits

home visit

We are excited to offer home wellness care to the community with our mobile veterinary clinic.  This clinic will enable us to provide your pet the necessary annual wellness care in the comfort of your home. See our Mobile Veterinary Clinic page.


Boarding is available for our client's pets. There is limited space, so call ahead of time to make a reservation! We have runs for larger dogs and cages of different sizes for smaller dogs and cats. Boarding cats and dogs receive Science Diet Sensitive Stomach food. If your pet requires a particular diet, you will need to bring an adequate supply of that food. We request that no personal belongings such as toys, blankets, and food dishes be left with your pet when it is in the hospital for reasons of safety and sanitation.


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