Senior Wellness Screening

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Senior Wellness Screening

How old is your pet?

Pets age more quickly than humans.  For this reason, when your pet reaches their actual age of 50, we recommend screening for potential diseases that could go undetected until they become serious.  If caught early, treatment can slow disease progression and result in a longer, happier life.

We offer a customized senior wellness screen for your pet’s benefit.  

This includes: 

Wellness profile (Chemistry/CBC/Electrolytes) - Screens for kidney and liver disease, diabetes, Cushings disease, infection, and anemia 

T4 - Screens for thyroid disease 

SDMA - Screens for kidney disease 

Urinalysis - Screens for kidney function, urinary infection and crystals 

Abdominal ultrasound - Screens abdominal organs (liver, spleen, kidneys, etc.) for any change in size or texture, and monitors for any masses.  

Blood pressure check - Screens for high blood pressure 

Tonometry - Glaucoma screening

If you choose to have your pet screened for potential life-threatening diseases, we are offering a bundle savings of 35% when compared to individual prices.  

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